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Offroad Tours & Safaris is a wholly Namibian owned and operated tour company specializing in 4x4 tours along the Namibian coastline.​

Our routes will take you to some of Namibia's most secluded and inhospitable areas, where serenity meets adventure.

Our Tours

We pride ourselves in customizing our tours to the specific size and needs of our groups. Due to the harshness  and remoteness of our routes,  your trip with us will unlike any other tour offered anywhere in Namibia and some thing that you will remember for a lifetime.

And, since we are the sole owners of the some of the concessions on offer, you can be guaranteed of not encountering a single other person on our tour.

Please note that our tours need to be booked well in advance as we need to prepare more thorough than any tours since there are not supply shops on our routes. This also means that our clients need to be equally prepared for our trip to some of the most inhospitable place in Namibia!


Desert Crossing Tour

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Skeleton Coast Tour


This gallery offers a unique opportunity to traverse the diverse landscapes of the world's most iconic safari destinations and witness the enchanting creatures that call these untamed realms their home.

These images will give you glimpse of the untamed nature, the ruggedness of the terrain and the seclusion of the routes you will tour with us.

How to get in touch with us?

Ossmann Street Nr. 7

Klein Windhoek



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